Smart Guidance in Buying Onkyo HT-X22HDX 3D Ready Ultra Compact 2

Usual things,bought a flatscreen and could not listen to a phrase, but i essential a smaller audio system simply because of place dimension. Bought the onkyo soon after a bit of researching opinions and other web pages. Arrived on time and simple to set up, experienced to invest in the optical cable and absent we went. one system but my objective was great, distinct sound and that is what it offers. Have not claimed ‘what did he say?’. Are unable to management the sound from the tv set remote, so we’re up to 4 controllers now, and counting. Fantastic products, hugely suggested.

Brilliance in quality and simplicity. I have been searching for a fantastic seem system for my study for a very extensive time. I have tried using many around the many years and all fell away due to being specific to hardware, proprietary connectors that broke or of just currently being way too big for a little place. I have a residing area complete of seperates and a ton of cables. I did not want that for the examine. I desired something tiny but with a rich excellent of seem that would fill the room. It would also want to have scope for a massive selection of distinct inputs together with digital optical, hdmi, digital coax and common phono. 1 able as i have a ps3 and workhorse pc with five. I wished to play video games and check out videos with all the trimmings. Which meant i disregarded this for a long while, for the reason that it only arrives with two entrance speakers. Then i uncovered you can purchase the extra 3 speakers for about £100 excess. So i extra it and the added speakers to my amazon wishlist and debated and believed a great deal a lot more, but at a total price tag of £330 it was far more high priced than i needed to pay. Besides for all the things i required there was not much else of good quality a lot cheaper, and everybody i know that owns onkyo is in universal agreement – they are quality.

Onkyo HT-X22HDX 3D Ready Ultra Compact 2.1 Home Cinema System

  • HDMI® 1.4a Support for 3D Video and Audio Return Channel
  • 1080P Video Processing via HDMI
  • Convenient Overlaid On-Screen Display via HDMI
  • Immersive Surround Sound from Just Two Speakers
  • Multi-speaker modes that you can use if you augment the HTX-22HDX with Onkyo’s optional SKS-22X center and surround speaker package

I bought a new sony tv set with web abilities etc and previously experienced the humax pvr and panasonic mixed vcr and dvd. I did not want a further player just to get much better seem high-quality and surround seem. Place on the television stand was also limited. The onkyo ht-x22hdx jointly with the include on central and rear speaker package seemed to in shape the monthly bill nicely and the testimonials appeared to be favourable. Ordered and sent cost-free inside of 4 times. Setup was quick deciding upon depart the humax and panasonic linked to the tv set and simply link the unit to the television through a one. The television and the onkyo device have arc ability and they ‘talk’ to just about every other. I have the onkyo setup menus on the television set and the tv will immediately switch on and off the onkyo system and manage the quantity which implies i will not have to use onkyo distant controller.

Are not able to definitely say much extra about this fantastic product or service that has not by now been mentioned in the various positive opinions i came across when exploring it. Onkyo actually have lifted the bar with this system. Great high quality and significant audio, good features, good develop top quality, compact dimensions and superb over-all value for funds. The capability to update it to a 5. one established-up later is also a definitely awesome contact. The 3 hdmi inputs have produced this device the hub of my home set-up. All my hdmi peripherals plug into it and then i simply just pick which one i want to use at a supplied time. I use it with my xbox 360, sky high definition box and also for my laptop computer which i sometimes use to look at media. Yet another noteworthy attribute is the onscreen menu which helps make customizing the unit settings really simple.

From a movie and video game buff on a shoe string finances this is a good piece of kit. A fantastic introduction into the a/v scene, whilst marginally basic as opposed to the conventional standalone av receiver/amp this seems to be terrific in my living room and surprisingly i didn’t get any problems from my other fifty percent, apart from the truth that i can once in a while get carried away and convert it up a bit too superior. Seem high-quality is fantastic and works excellent with my xbox 360, sky high definition box & even my home cinema computer. I like the actuality that you can choose the various audio profiles but aside from switching the emulated five. one (which i didn’t treatment for considerably but was nonetheless amazed) i wrestle to notify the variation concerning the motion picture, tunes and tv profiles. Dts and dolby digital assist is a will have to in any home cinema kit and tends to make every thing audio good. I didn’t stick with just the entrance satellites for extensive, i swiftly extra a set of more substantial jbl speakers handed down by my father who experienced no use for them, there were no compatability challenges, just plug and enjoy, if you can i and would advocate you incorporate two rear and a single centre speaker, this kit definitely shines with a respectable surround speakers.

Onkyo HT-X22HDX 3D Ready Ultra Compact 2.1 Home Cinema System : This replaces my 11 year old system – impressed so far, despite. Ok i’ve been coming back to this product over the past 12 months as i’ve been looking to replace my old deccasound ‘all in one system’ yes – they don’t even make deccasound systems anymore. My main reason for going for this product was i wanted to avoid having a seperate receiver as with my old system and wanting to be able to connect all my devices via hdmi and avoid having to plug in a different cable every time i switched to xbox, bluray etc. I was worried this system would be a little weak compared to my old system and i was looking for something which could last like my old system did. I have to say i’m impressed so far, set up in 10 mins virgin tv was working, switch to xbox all ok, the sound is clean and crisp and the bass in punchy, fills a standard size living room easily. 1 set up using my old decca speakers as center and surround and it sounds fantastic. Overall i’m impressed with my evenings experience so far, i’ve still got some playing around with settings to do. Only disappointment was the box had already been opened, finger prints all over the glossy speakers and batteries already in the remote, don’t expect that with a new item amazon.

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  1. TG Maybery

    This review is from : Onkyo HT-X22HDX 3D Ready Ultra Compact 2.1 Home Cinema System

    Excellent upgrade from rubbish tv speakers. At the time of purchase i paid under £200 for this system. The unit houses both the amp and sub together, saving space, but probably at a slight expense to overall flexibility & sound quality. That’s not to say that the sound from this system isn’t good, it really is for how compact it is. Bass is always there, but never outrageously over killing the mids & highs. Setup is an absolute breeze – especially with the use of hdmi ports. The system has 3 hdmi inputs for blu-ray, games consoles etc & 1 hdmi output to the tv. Each speaker comes with 10m of standard audio cable. I’ve also bought the extra 3 speakers to make this into a 5.

    This review is from : Onkyo HT-X22HDX 3D Ready Ultra Compact 2.1 Home Cinema System

    We’ve had the full onkyo onkyo ht-x22hdx + sks-22x 5. 1 system for 4 years now and we are very happy with it. We’ve been using this £250ish onkyo ht-x22hdx 2. 1 (left + right front speaker and subwoofer av amp) home cinema system for 4 years now with the matching £90 onkyo sks-22x speaker set that adds in the front central (middle) speaker and the two l+r rear satellite speakers to provide the surround sound. These extra 3 speakers are pretty essential to get the best out of this 2. There’s plenty of thin ‘clear’ cable supplied with all these speakers, and as we have a lot of furniture and sit close to the main 32″ (3d) samsung ue32d6530wk smarttv it was easy to hide the satellite speaker cables. The front central and front left + right speakers sit hidden just behind our tv anyway, with the subwoofer/av amp sited next to the tv stand. Sited in the open we’ve never heard the subwoofer cooling fan kick in (the small fan is visible at the rear, just like a pc’s psu). The subwoofer has one return arc(tv) hdmi socket, 3 other hdmi sockets, and two optical toslink digital, one co-ax digital and two stereo analogue twin phono audio inputs for sound only (there’s no output audio/video sockets other than the arc(tv) hdmi, not even a 3. 1 speakers you do have to go through the many ht-x22hdx menu options on the subwoofer av amp to get the sound volume and equalisation right for each speaker location and to set the delay audio sync to synch speech with lips on the video if required. Our blu-ray player plugs directly into the onkyo ht-x22hdx hdmi-1 to retain the 5. 1 surround sound (fed indirectly through the tv via arc(tv), the 4. 1 may be lost and the rear just replicate the front channel audio). The tv does really need to be arc(tv) capable to get the best from this 5. 1 system, although you can feed the tv audio into the subwoofer av via an audio link cable (e. Via arc(tv) hdmi the subwoofer av audio switches on & off automatically with the telly, and the telly remote controls the onkyo volume – well mostly, occasionally we lose the auto-on link after selecting different onkyo input options, but switching the onkyo on manually after the tv always restores it back to arc(tv) control.
    • Dedubya
      Great cinema sound upgrade without much hassle. I bought this and the sks-22x 2. 1speaker package to get full 5. 1 surround sound – i didn’t want a massive av receiver and this kit seemed to fulfill my requirements: a small(ish) sub with the gubbins built in, a fairly discrete set of speakers and a decent performance given the price/size of kit. My small lounge is easily filled with this kit, sound is good, bass isn’t too annoying loud (neighbour friendly) and has a decent amount of control. Surround sound options seem reasonable and it all plays nicely with my old sony w4000 lcd tv, sony bdp373 blu ray, skyhd box and gigabyte brix micro pc. All items connect via hdmi to the onkyo, skyhd also connects with an optical toslink cable – this gets dolby digital audio into the onkyo (skyhd boxes now can do dolbyd over hdmi but my tv then refuses to give audio out of its own speakers when receiving dd over hdmi)when i turn on the tv and skyhd the onkyo powers on automaticall, pretty much the same with the blu ray player and the onkyo remote can control the sony blu ray functions and vice versa (to some extent) and the same with the sony tv remote and sky remote, they can control some functions of the onkyo – it all works quite nicely, but is no doubt dependent on your equipment conforming to hdmi cec control, my 2008 sony tv does so stands to reason newer models will. Speakers are decent enough for their price, they are shiny black plastic and look a bit cheap but they’re ok and sound ok, subwoofer/av amp build quality is good and looks well made. It’s an old model now but onkyo have not replaced it and there’s little else to choose from if you want to avoid buying an av receiver amplifier.
      • Darren Cowie
        Works a treat and really good quality. . Works a treat and really good quality.
  3. Skym
    But still much better than a built in tv speaker. The 2 satellite speakers are relatively low powered, but still much better than a built in tv speaker. The suggestion of another reviewer to get the centre speaker pack is probably a good one. Instead, i swapped the satellites with some old more meaty speakers to better complement the lovely subwoofer. Compatibility with other devices is excellent.
    • Dan
      I’d been debating the purchase of this system for a while. Given the reviews i finally decided to take the plunge and i don’t regret it one bit. The system has transformed our viewing and gaming experience hugely from the speakers on our flatscreen tv. The depth and richness of sound is impressive and the level of control means that the bass can be modified to suit most tastes. The volume is controlled through hdmi (arc) so we have the sky remote controlling the volume (and power on /off) which is great and the fact that there are 3 hdmi inputs means we can switch between sources easily (sky and ps3). The mrs has approved of the look of the system too. A very good purchase and a product i would strongly recommend to friends.
  4. grottbag

    This review is from : Onkyo HT-X22HDX 3D Ready Ultra Compact 2.1 Home Cinema System

    Ive had this system for a number of years now. Got the base system with the amp and the two front speakers first. After taking the time setting up the speaker levels i was quite happy with the sound and found it a bright clear sound. Also it had plenty power if i wanted it for music etc. Then a few months ago i got the surround package to go with the system. I would say for the asking price youd be hard pressed to get a better performing surround system than this. Settup is quite straightforward. Plenty of power and clear sound gives those movies a real kick.
  5. L. Williams

    This review is from : Onkyo HT-X22HDX 3D Ready Ultra Compact 2.1 Home Cinema System

    Don’t get me wrong the sound is fantastic from this, but having now owned it for over a year, the amount of sync issues i have with various equipment is unreal. I’ve managed to get sky sorted for hd channels, but sd channels are then out of sync, you can’t win. The ps4 just seems to be completely random. Other than this, it’s great a little unit. I purchased the additional speakers for a front 5. 1 set up and it works great.
    • Martin McDermott
      Lovely little unit, great sound, well impressed. The sound is nice, the unit is a little heavy but has all one would need in a single box.
      • Gavin Taylor
        We then got the rear speakers and center speaker which made this even better. I would recommend this even without the rear speakers and center speaker, you will not be disappointed.
    This is the second time i have bought one of these. I sold the first one when i needed more space but have since re-organised my room so bought another. It is a huge step up over my old panasonic soundbar. In particular the default settings are spot on in terms of how the bass is balanced with the speakers. My soundbar had far too powerful bass even on the lowest setting but this feels just right and fills the room with deep bass without being overwhelming and masking everything else. I am short on space so it is good not having to have a separate amp and sub. In my small room this sounds absolutely perfect and it is infinitely customisable with extensive options. Works great with arc on my tv too. The additional centre/rear speaker package is a worthwhile upgrade to get the most out of this but if you are short on space and don’t want cables going around your room then i’d highly recommend this product instead of buying a soundbar.
    • Savi
      Great solid build, good sound, excellent value for money but it failed after six months, kept overheating and cutting out. These systems will soon be obselete as sound bars improve and take over.
      • jon
        This product is very good, however as with most surround sound systems the supplied wires are the cheapest they could find. Go to a good hifi store and invest in some good speaker wires and the sound will be vastly improved. Lovely richness to the sound compared to other surround sound systems that tend to geared towards booming sounds found in action movies. Very good system, buy the extra speakers and make it 5. 1 as the virtual surround sound/spatial sound is never any good. The way it works is to break up the sound and rearrange it, this is never good for replicating true sound. 1 is a vast improvement on typical sound from a tv, i suggest just using it in stereo mode for an accurate reproduction of sound until you have the extra speakers.
  7. Averageman
    For a home theater this is in a class of its ownthere is a tremendous number of inputs so i have my tv box, ps3 and laptop all hooked into this. The hdmi controls means i can control (most) of them with just one remote. Sounds quality is good, tons of features and tweaks. 1 if you can cope with the wires. Unfortunately i am struggling to find a quality center piece as it is not sold separately by anyone.
  8. Andy P

    This review is from : Onkyo HT-X22HDX 3D Ready Ultra Compact 2.1 Home Cinema System

    I bought this unit as my sky box was producing quiet sound through my new sony tv. 1 unit as my room configuration wouldn’t suit a 5. It was very easy to set up and worked great straight away. Frankly i couldn’t be bothered playing around with placement as it worked fine where i put it. The sound is a vast improvement on the tv and all sources. Bass is a bit deep but that’s what you buy a sub-woofer for and you can adjust it.
    • Andrew Rickard
      Really top class gear – so small, but it packs a real punch. I like how it can be the switching unit for 3 hdmi inputs.
      • Fussyduck
        Ok you may ask what do i expect for the money. First it should be said the reason i tried these out is because i was looking for the best bang for my buck with the least expense, wires, components taking up space etc for my modestly sized flat. I know that everyone has different tastes and requirements so i will only say this. I found these speakers inadequate for use with watching tv or dvds. I was just unable to find the right balance between being able to hear dialogue clearly without other sound effects such as explosions in movies shaking the whole flat. I found myself constatly having to turn the volume up and down like a yo yo throughout as films went from action scenes to quiet dialogue to action scenes again. Despite going through every single combination of the ridiculous number of settings which seem to make little difference, and going through extra expense adding a centre speaker and 2 side speakers to the set up (nb granted, these were not the srs surround system by onkyo but a combination of cambridge audio, sony and bose cube speakers. ), i just could not get a well balanced sound from this system.
    This is an awesome bit of kit – good build quality and easy to set up. However, the manual is not particularly well written, so i found it took a few hours to fiddle with all the settings and get it working through viera link via my panasonic tv. Once you’ve done all that, you’re rewarded with awesome 2. 1 dolby digital from your sky box, apple tv, xbox, playstation or whatever you connect. Streamed music sounds superb too – this neat little box has transformed my home into a multi-media hub with top notch sound, all controlled from a single (sky) remote.
  10. Mr Christopher Carter

    This review is from : Onkyo HT-X22HDX 3D Ready Ultra Compact 2.1 Home Cinema System

    I wanted to improve the sound of my tv etc. My son in law had the earlier version of this system & i was impressed. I looked at various sondbars but decided to go with this system. Very easy to install & set up & in my opinion well worth the money. With the 3 hdmi inputs i was able to run all my kit straight through the system which makes control & switching between components very simple. My wife usually regards this sort of thing as “big boys toys” but even she was impressed to the point of suggesting i also purchase the optional surround & centre speakers (onkyo sks-22x) which i did. 1 system i realise what i was missing from my blu ray discs. I’ve has the system for about 1 month now & would recommend it to anyone.

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