One thought on “Smart Guidance in Buying Philips HTS4660 2

  1. Vikash Shah
    Great looking, versatile media player with very decent sound. If you have a plasma or lcd tv with a piano-black bezel, as is so popular in recent product lines, and if installation of a full 5. 1 surround system or better is going to be difficult or is inappropriate for your room layout, then i highly recommend this. Admittedly the audio from this 2. 1 system doesn’t have the depth of the 5. 1 system i replaced with it, however it is far less ugly and doesn’t give a horrible background buzz that i previously had to live with. And to be fair with the dolby-vs feature switched on and a dvd playing the sound is good enough for me. I mainly use it to play back avi files off a usb stick, and must say the picture quality produced is far superior to my old silvercrest usb-enabled player. The best thing is probably that it integrates well via hdmi-cec with my new panasonic tp37x10b tv, meaning it automatically switches on with the tv and plays my tv audio output. The tv remote (and sky remote, programmed to my tv) can be used to control the volume, making it the perfect upgrade to my tv’s own audio.

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