Smart Guidance in Buying Samsung HT-F4500 5

This kept my family members pleased this summer time, we like it, it helps make this kind of a change.

Samsung ht-f4500 five. 1 3d blu-ray home theatre system. . The vendor was brilliant and it arrived prompt and perfectly packaged. The system by itself is my first delve into surround seem, after wanting close to at many other folks, buddies soundbars and demonstrations in computer system earth, i resolved to choose the gamble and i am not dissapointed in the slightest. It has a few awesome matters these types of as the ‘tv sound’ button which performs regardless of what your observing on typical television by way of the speakers and also a usb port. There are considerable settings wherever you can regulate the decibels of every unique speaker so you can tweek it to how you like, few downsides but practically nothing to put anybody off at all, they are the wires, you get decent size but there not just invisible and we have wooden floors so no carpet to cover guiding, and theirs no bluetooth. It inbound links nicely with my samsung tv set which is a couple yrs old but has the ‘anynet’ attribute which just usually means you can management it with equally controllers, extremely propose and im a sony enthusiast. Oh no matter what system you purchase make certain you acquire an optical cable, makes it considerably easier. 2 metre top quality toslink digital optical spdif audio cable – electronic audio cable , appropriate with ps3,sky hd, hdtvs, blu-rays, av amps, top-quality-grade optical fiber to deliver superior clarity and transfer digital signal i bought this one particular, if you can find much less expensive go for it.

Samsung HT-F4500 5.1 3D Blu-ray Home Theatre System with Online Content

  • Upgrade your DVD HTS – Enjoy Blu-ray contents with rich sound and picture quality
  • Enjoy your favourite movies and TV series whenever you like with Netflix and BBC iPlayer
  • Compliment your 3D visuals with amazing 3D and 5.1 surround sound

Nice compact equipment, superior good quality with no the rate tag. Straightforward to set up and use, on par with dearer machines i appeared at.

Really happy with this acquire. Watching one thing like band of brothers on blu ray on this system was remarkable. I felyt like ducking in the fight scenes would suggest.

Amazing high quality theatre system for the price tag. Good long cables so we can place speakers around the home.

Samsung HT-F4500 5.1 3D Blu-ray Home Theatre System with Online Content : Bought this to go with my new 3d tv. Sound is awesome, smart feature don’t need got it on the tv but i can play 3d movies on my 3d tv.

One thought on “Smart Guidance in Buying Samsung HT-F4500 5

  1. Mel Brunt
    Fantastic quality theatre system for the price. Good long cables so we can put speakers around the room.
    • Graham.
      This home theatre is well worth the money great value for the money.
  2. Barbs
    This kept my family happy this summer, we love it, it makes such a change.
  3. Glen Penrhyn-Lowe

    This review is from : Samsung HT-F4500 5.1 3D Blu-ray Home Theatre System with Online Content

    Very pleased with this product and seller. The dvd player site very nicely with our samsung home cinema system speakers and the sound is clear and picture crisp. Great purchase at a very reasonable price for a replacement system. The bonus for us is the ability to connect to our home network to watch films and programmes via netflix. We’re now ‘hooked’ on breaking bad.
    • phil
      Nice compact gives good sound usb input means you can play videos off a stick. Only 1 criticism you can’t change the online pages like i don’t want facebook twitter things like that but we do use tube good otherwise on everything else.
      • Coops
        I have just bought i elf these waiting for it to be delivered can u link up an iphone to play music.
  4. MR Peter R Hazlewood
    Very good, good sound quality, unfortunelty cables for rear speakers are not long enough so need to extend further.
    • Brian
      Great value for the money all the sound you need for watching big movies i have to turn the sound down.
  5. Spike

    This review is from : Samsung HT-F4500 5.1 3D Blu-ray Home Theatre System with Online Content

    Great product but one major design flaw. I have just bought the f4500 to compliment my samsung 46″ smart tv and as the tv has all of the smart facilities included i felt that i didn’t need the next model up and i was right as the f4500, combined with the tv do everything between them. The f4500 is a doddle to set up straight out of the box, although an hdmi cable will be needed as this is not supplied. The picture quality and sound are excellent and it looks nice underneath the tv. However, there appears to be a major design flaw with the speakers as they only have a (very) small keyhole fitting on the back of them and i have looked everywhere (without success) to find a) wall brackets that have small enough keyhole adaptors and b) keyhole fixings that have a small enough head to fit into the keyhole itself. Even if you could find keyhole fixings small enough, i am not sure if they would be sufficient to hold the weight of the speakers. You may want to take this into consideration if you are intending to buy this model and want to mount your speakers on the wall.
  6. Maffs

    This review is from : Samsung HT-F4500 5.1 3D Blu-ray Home Theatre System with Online Content

    A little noisy (sounds like a low wind) on the quieter progs. You may watch but not a major issue.
  7. James

    This review is from : Samsung HT-F4500 5.1 3D Blu-ray Home Theatre System with Online Content

    Excellent system but slightly noisy with some dvd’s. . I bought this for the £160 price tag in the new year sales. 500w of power is easily enough to make the entire house shake. The surround speakers are excellent and you can customise the level of each individual speaker, including turning the sub woofer down if you don’t want to wake the neighbours or want the plod knocking at your door with a firearms warrant looking for the shooting range in your living room. It’s got a few weird lapses in it’s programming. For example, most systems would close the disc draw automatically when you power off the system. Not this, it’ll stay open unless you actually close it yourself. Visa versa, if you try to eject the draw without turning the system on, it won’t open. Most systems would power on automatically.
    • James
      Great sound but only through digital input. The sound out of this system is fantastic but only if you are using it through hdmi or optical. So if your thinking about using this for analogue input don’t bother. The bass is beautiful and gives rich clear thumps and low tones. One this that really annoyed me is that it supports arc and my brand new 2013 samsung smart tv does not support it which i can not understand at all. So be aware if you are thinking arc will work check your tv carefully and don’t assume that because you have a new tv it will support it.
  8. Tom williams

    This review is from : Samsung HT-F4500 5.1 3D Blu-ray Home Theatre System with Online Content

    I found this home cinema system to be really good the only problem i had was the speaker cable was too short, but i extended it buy using extra speaker cable and terminal blocks which is fairly easy. Sound qualitythe sound quality is very good the only problem is that when you turn on the receiver it takes a while for the sound to come through from the tv. Picture qualitythe picture is brilliant and it upscales normal dvds. Overall it’s very good and would recommend.

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