Smart Guidance in Buying Samsung HT-H5500 Home Audio System

Great system but the woofer purple speaker wire got damaged and i can’t find a replacement anywhere, if anyone can help i would be very grateful as will be cheaper than buying another system.

The only problem no headphone socket. & the blue tooth connection doesn’t support headphones either. But apart from this it all singing & dancing.

Very easy to set up, looks and sounds great. Was not supplied with a 3 pin plug hence 4stars.

Home audio/home cinema ht-h5500 system. This unit is a replacement for a similar samsung product quite a few years ago which suddenly gave out (possibly a maplin switch everything on/off unit not coping with tv, freesat unit and cinema system after a year in place?), and i thought it would cost too much to put right. I even was able to retain the original speakers, except for the sub-woofer which had a slightly different connection??. I have always liked the previous unit for sound quality/value for money and this just out of the box seems very similar. It was meant for the continent, but the description hadn’t mentioned it. Just as well i was able to recycle a cable from my ‘collection’ of such items. T, and this new unit required a software upgrade and this prompted me to update software on my samsung smart tv, so hopefully all will be well. It remains to be seen whether the added facility in this unit of blu-ray is all it’s hyped up to be. Not sure whether i needed smart wifi feature as i have a smart tv already.

It’s really good and easy to set up sound quality very good excellent value for money.

Samsung HT-H5500 Home Audio System : Best surround sound yet feels like your at the cinema.

One thought on “Smart Guidance in Buying Samsung HT-H5500 Home Audio System

  1. MM
    Excellent sound and looks for a budget price. Bought this to replace a ps3 / sony cinema combo and reduce down to just one box. Looks excellent, sounds superb, links into my samsung tv beautifully, integrating with the tv and remote automatically. It also supports arc (audio return channel) through the hdmi (must be at least a v1. 1 from the tv, via the hdmi with no need for an optical lead. The build quality is not as good as the sony it replaces (it was all alloy, so it was solid and heavy), but it’s by no means poor in any way. It certainly sounds one hell of a lot better than the sony, much crisper top end, smooth mid and deep, mellow bass.

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