Smart Guidance in Buying Sonos SUB – Wireless Subwoofer for Sonos Systems

Been putting off sonos for a even though. But heaps of diverse bluetooth devices driving me mad specially when equipment adjust. The perform one received me fascinated. Go through the critiques of the sub (as i appreciate bass ) and took the plung with a sub and another enjoy one – wow . Its expensive but is definitely excellent. Balanced and helps make the enjoy 1’s occur alive the process is so multipurpose cn quickly break up speakers back again to other rooms for the young children, decouple the sub or allocate to a person enjoy one only which stil sounds great. All our iphones and ipads have the controller on and just signed uo to spotify as its integrated so wellthe sub is so well manufactured and exceptional high quality. Sonos under no circumstances misses a beat and is heads and shoulders above airplay and bluetooth. You wont cease actively playing with it the sub is exceptional. Its a great deal of funds but good high-quality and seem and you just want to maintain adding . Provides your whole procedure to life .

It appears high priced but it can be excellent value. This truly is the fantastic enhance to the sonos tv set speaker. It provides depth and gravity without the need of the thumbing growth linked with more affordable subs. Just include in a few of participate in 1s as a rear pair and you have a wireless five. This was the only way my wife would enable me get absent with it – she is a ‘wire free’ gal.

Sonos SUB – Wireless Subwoofer for Sonos Systems

  • Designed to fill any room with deep, clear HiFi sound
  • Wireless, one-button setup to seamlessly integrate with the Sonos system
  • Deep sound with zero cabinet buzz or rattle
  • Place it anywhere in the room—even lying flat under a couch
  • 2-Year warranty included

I swore i would never ever fork out this considerably, then i listened to it. . I was joyful, far more than happy with my enjoy 5 in the living space. I went to buy one more enjoy 5 for the kitchen area and they demoed the sub. I ended up with each yet another participate in 5 and the sub and an uneasy sensation i might put in as well a great deal. I was annoyed since i swore i’d hardly ever commit that significantly on the sub. A several several hours of listening and i can say i have no regrets. It fills out the bottom frequencies linearly. You get bass that is warm and sweet.

I have just purchased a sony 42 inch 3d television set for the bed room. I determined to get a sound bar. Very a huge selection of manufacturers from bose to yamaha. I had it in my brain to by a yamaha until i was present the sonos soundbar. I obtain high-quality stereo machines i have b/w zepplin air, a7, a5. Initially i was searching at a yamaha with sub for £220. When i listened to the sonos it sounded far better even without the sub. As this was my first sonos product environment up was straight ahead to do.

I enjoy my sonos playbarthis is the commencing of my sonos selection. We just lately moved dwelling to find out that the normal speakers in our television set (mine’s a samsung ue48h6400) weren’t cutting it in the new living area. I made a decision that i wished to update the audio for the television set and i have been seeking for an justification to get a sonos speaker so this was the apparent preference. From the minute you plug it in, the knowledge is wonderful. With two wires you plug into the television set and the electrical power and then switch it on. Then hearth up the app (mine is on my iphone six) and you are guided by way of the whole setup approach. Remote calibration stage makes it possible for me to use the volume controls on my sky remote to regulate the volume (as well as from the app)two. Really uncomplicated to combine my spotify quality account3.

Sonos SUB – Wireless Subwoofer for Sonos Systems : Improvement on my existing set up & was very happy for about 10 minutes. Recently bought a sonos soundbar & thought that was an huge improvement on my existing set up & was very happy for about 10 minutes. Ok i said lets go the full monty & get a sonos sub. I love my tech stuff (especially my sound system set ups), but this combo is without doubt the best improvement i have experienced in the past 20 years. Yes its expensive, but hey ho, you get what you pay for. The soudbar & sub is a must buy for ant music nut.

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  1. p p wrigley

    This review is from : Sonos SUB – Wireless Subwoofer for Sonos Systems

    . Easy to set up, great sound. Add spotify and thats music heaven.
    • Ian
      Excellent item and in particular when coupled with 2 x. Excellent item and in particular when coupled with 2 x play 1’s as rears – haven’t experienced any issues with dts/dolby with any input signals and surround sound (simulated or not) is room filling and of excellent quality. Wouldn’t suggest purely as player as 2 x play 1’s are better value and better sound quality when setup as a stereo pair.
  2. Amazon Customer

    This review is from : Sonos SUB – Wireless Subwoofer for Sonos Systems

    Pity about packing came in original box which was ripped, luckily item not damaged.
  3. Rob

    This review is from : Sonos SUB – Wireless Subwoofer for Sonos Systems

    What’s not to love about sonos great sound just need to snag them at the right price.
    • Ian B.
      Not the easiest of systems to set up, but well worth the effort. Once set up, very easy to use through the app and the quality of the sound is impressive.
  4. Amazon Customer

    This review is from : Sonos SUB – Wireless Subwoofer for Sonos Systems

    Very pleased with the quality of sound produced and it looks neat. Easy to install and as already a sonos user very easy to set up.
  5. Holley Reviews

    This review is from : Sonos SUB – Wireless Subwoofer for Sonos Systems

    If you already have sonos there is not a better option. Its a lot of cash to spend on a sound bar speaker but once you’ve bought in to sonos its hard to choose anything else. I own all of their speakers, in multiple numbers. My house is loaded and i am on the sonos beta test team as an independent tester. *i am not paid to write this review it is totally unbiased*i would recommend this speaker – it is fantastic. But if you have not bought in to the sonos range yet then consider other options as there are cheaper alternatives. But if you have comitted to the range then this superb speaker is ideal. It can link up with speakers around the house to play music or play audio from your tv or tv box. Ours sits on a tv unit so watch out if you have dogs that jump for audio near the tv like our very own phoebe – the pug. Who likes to chase off barking dogs on tv and jumps up towards the speaker.
    • Dimitris M.
      Overall good performance and convinience. Overall good performance and convinience. Just a bit shy on the midrange. Sound is not as directional and punchy but rather atmospheric.
      • Dave Purnell
        Easy to set up and very good sound quality. Easy to set up and very good sound quality, but when used with the tv there is a lip sync delay that i don’t know how to improve – or even if it is possible to improve?. I’ve tried putting the optical cable into the tv and into the humax that i’ve got, but it doesn’t make any difference, it is out of sync in both cases. Can anyone help or give advice?.
  6. pete135

    This review is from : Sonos SUB – Wireless Subwoofer for Sonos Systems

    I bought this for use with a surround sound system comprising of the sonos play bar and a pair of play 1s as the rears. Installation is a piece of cake and the difference is simply stunning, strong but not overpowering base on films and makes the play bar practical for playing music through adding weight to the sound without going too far.
    • R. Johnstone
      Solid, well built and beautiful sounding. Careful with dolby and 5. 1 expectations / compatibility. . I’ve had my eye on a sonos system for some time. With a change of tv and tv stand, a new solution to my music needs was required (i store all of my itunes library on a nas drive and i am also a spotify premium subscriber). So, knowing my tv had an optical output (yes, you need one), i went ahead and purchased the playbar. Setup was extremely easy and i was set up within 10 minutes. First up, the sound quality. The sound quality from the unit is exceptional. Music channels on the tv have come to life.
      • Keith
        Brilliant piece of kit and has totally enhanced the sound. Brilliant piece of kit and has totally enhanced the sound from my smart tv. Great quality build and easy to set up.

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