Smart Guidance in Buying Sony BDVE190 300W 3D Blu-ray Home Cinema System

My overview on this best systemthe audio from the speakers are very awesome coming from the measurement off them, you will be blowed away from how highly effective the system speakers areit’s realy that goodyou experience like your in a true cinema with all the audio effects and bass energy coming from the bass box and back speakers. The system it self is quite quick to set up. The only downside i had with this system is the speaker cables what sony built is not that extensive for a big space so i had to solder some speaker cable on to the ends. That’s the only down facet off this systembut for my evaluate. All the tough operate i put into environment the system up and putting the speakers on to the partitions, soldering the cables to the speakers. It so paid offvery very good for revenue to for the system you are finding.

There are lots of reviews listed here from these who know their way all around a home theatre system. As a novice in this discipline, here are my impressions making a direct comparison to the in-crafted speakers of my 42′ plasma television set. The five speakers are compact, fitting simply on the television set desk and furnishings surfaces all-around my medium-sized dwelling space. I discovered them to be pretty clearly labelled and colour coordinated each on the cable ends and the connections at the back of the blu-ray player. This enabled a rapid and uncomplicated established-up. The cables on their own had been much more than extended adequate to allow for the peripheral speakers to sit in their proper positions and the blu-ray player connects very easily to any of the television set hdmi inputs. After all related, the menu has a helpful speaker setup method, in which the user can select the length from the listener and also how loud each should really be. There are 5 diverse audio settings to optimise numerous kinds of media and an fm radio location if desired. The blu-ray quality is excellent and compares effectively with my current unit, which price tag extra than this entire system.

Sony BDVE190 300W 3D Blu-ray Home Cinema System (Old model)

  • Full HD 3D Blu-ray Disc Player with four speakers and subwoofer, 300W, online entertainment
  • Watch Full HD 3D Blu-ray Disc movies and DVDs
  • Enjoy TV, films and music from the Internet
  • Online movies and music look and sound sharper

Purchased this solution for my partner on a black friday offer. It does accurately what it claims on the box incredibly sensible hunting products provides great audio good quality (even though i can only observe that its different from normal sound when an explosion goes off and the bass from the subwoofer is great). The wires connecting all the speakers are long so you can get them into situation fairly effectively however you may have wires along the ground but they are thin more than enough to be masked. The main perk of this is obviously the 3d blu-ray participant which so much appears really superior. Main downside is that it does not arrive with a hdmi cable which looks a little bit silly seeing as it is a blu ray participant and you have to have this to connect it to your tv nonetheless you can decide one up for like £1. Also arrives with practically nothing to join it to your ps3 or xbox and many others so you will will need to acquire an additional cable for that as very well.

Acquired this for my companion for xmas and it’s wonderful. The blu ray participant is fairly sluggish at moments and often will not recognise the usb travel apart from that the audio high-quality is awesome. I do have to sometimes transform it down as i live in an condominium so does rattle the ground boards if it really is as well loud.

The seem is good on this is and with all the different sound options you can set. Further more the apps are really very good as effectively,the problem is that it only has 1 usb port, and 1 hdmi port.

Sony BDVE190 300W 3D Blu-ray Home Cinema System (Old model) : Blu ray player/sound system. The player picture quality is excellent though you have to wait for the system (like most) to wind up before anything can be done. The sound is only average and as with previous system, voices seem very low compared to loud special effects, which are better.

One thought on “Smart Guidance in Buying Sony BDVE190 300W 3D Blu-ray Home Cinema System

  1. Georgie

    This review is from : Sony BDVE190 300W 3D Blu-ray Home Cinema System (Old model)

    Bought this for my partner for christmas and it’s great. The blu ray player is quite slow at times and sometimes doesn’t recognise the usb drive apart from that the sound quality is amazing. I do have to sometimes turn it down as i live in an apartment so does rattle the floor boards if it’s too loud.
  2. Yorkie

    This review is from : Sony BDVE190 300W 3D Blu-ray Home Cinema System (Old model)

    It’s amazing the sound you get out of such small speakers. Bundled with a top quality blue-ray player all in one.
    • David Chilcott
      Great sound easy to fix up does the job very very well. Would of been better deliverd in a outer box not jus t speaker box though.
  3. Gemma

    This review is from : Sony BDVE190 300W 3D Blu-ray Home Cinema System (Old model)

    Only for smaller living rooms. Takes a long time to turn on, there is an option to reduce the time but it means the system is on all the time. The fan can be quite noisy but if you have the sound on at a reasonable height then you can’t hear it. The cables provided for the back speakers were only just long enough and our living room is quite small. I wouldn’t recommend this system for a larger room anyway as its not the loudest but it is great for our room. Sound quality is good, perfect for the price.
    • moongazer
      Everything you could possibly need for in home entertainment at a reasonable price,easy to operate & install,with the end result very satisfying.
      • John
        This is one of the best value purchases i have bought the picture and sound quality are superb.
  4. Mr. C. Burns

    This review is from : Sony BDVE190 300W 3D Blu-ray Home Cinema System (Old model)

    It ain’t hi-fi, but it’s fun. I bought this at £149, as a replacement for a 10-year-old sony dav s550. Richer sounds do it at £129 at present, but the amazon returns policy swung it for me. I “needed” it, because my panasonic bd110 blu-ray player has an annoying lip-sync problem playing sound through the optical input on the s550, and i thought this annoyance would go away with a blu-ray player and integrated 5. It’s almost gone, but not quite perfect. To these ears, the sound quality is the same as he s550, although the speakers supplied with the ddve 190 are plastic and lightweight compared to the robust s550. The latter’s speaker are of much higher build quality, and the amp, i suspect more powerful. It doesn’t like any old speakers (like mordant short compacts or tannoy mercury f1 customs, each 8 ohms nominal) being connected in place of the supplied speakers. Turn the volume up past 30, the amp cuts out and a scary “push power” message appears in the display. I think it must be very sensitive to overload, and the impedance of the speakers must match fairly critically with the originals (3 ohms, except the subwoofer, 6 ohms). It’s cheap, and i couldn’t find a better 3d blu-ray 5. 1 system at the time of writing (may 2013).
  5. Happy Happy Customer

    This review is from : Sony BDVE190 300W 3D Blu-ray Home Cinema System (Old model)

    Unfortunately my fault did not think i would require more power than this. Otherwise very good sound quality and playback. For the price well worth it but it is not a final resolution just a stop gap until i can afford something better.
    • David Ahmed
      I bought a sony dongle a while back but my tv didnt have a usb port but my bluray does so plugged it in and now i have so many channels all free brilliant and im in a flat so dont need anything too loud this is perfect for my needs.
  6. bob

    This review is from : Sony BDVE190 300W 3D Blu-ray Home Cinema System (Old model)

    The sound is great on this is and with all the different sound options you can set. Further the apps are very good as well,the problem is that it only has one usb port, and 1 hdmi port.
  7. A. Collier

    This review is from : Sony BDVE190 300W 3D Blu-ray Home Cinema System (Old model)

    This is about the same size as a normal dvd player but delivers a lot more. Sound is ample for a small room and there are plenty of online features.
    • rossendale
      This is a great buy, it really enhances all the films that i watch with a great picture, might get another for upstairs.
  8. Manuel

    This review is from : Sony BDVE190 300W 3D Blu-ray Home Cinema System (Old model)

    It is a good homecinema, in spite of i think it doesn’t manage really well the sound sometimes. Things like music plugged into the usb, videoclips, singstar, etc, it doesn’t really let you enhance or improve the sound presets. The 360 effect is not really good either, things like helicopters doesn’t sound like you have it passing over you. I expected a bit more from a sony home cinema system.
  9. SuperSweetHaribo

    This review is from : Sony BDVE190 300W 3D Blu-ray Home Cinema System (Old model)

    Brought this in lighting deal but not dissapointed it at the lower end of range but still does great job has blu ray, and ethernet. If looking for basic but good unintrusive system i recommend this.
    • ArtshowDecor
      I bought this home cinema system first of all because it was a sony i could not go wrong. In fact, i was wrong1) the sound quality is poor2)the wording on the product info suggests you would need no cables because it is wifi enabled. Incidentally, this is one of the reasons i bought this system, to avoid cables hanging about. In actual fact, every speaker is connected by cables which are not of adequate length. I was very annoyed when i opened the box to find cables. The only thing wifi about this is the dvd which can connect to the interneti am not a tech expert, but the way this info is presented by sony is definitely misleading. I ended up buying a usb adaptor, thinking this would allow me to connect everything up. I am now returning it to the seller because the dvd would not recognize a non sony usb wireless adapter. 3)what is the point of not including an hdmi cable?.
      • Penny Ballard
        When the sales list said there would be no wires if you purchased usb network adapter, i thought this meant the speaker wires -not so. In fairness my money was refunded for both.
  10. Cristi Constantin
    Great core functions, missing some details. + very nice upscaling for dvd;+ good interoperability with lg tv and compliancy of hdmi arc functions;+ reads flac files (renamed to mp3);- no random/shuffle function;- speakers quality could be better (the same for the sub-woofer);- long startup time (overcome by some advanced standby feature, though more power consuming);- a little bit noisy, but noticeable only if there is a quite scene.

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