Smart Guidance in Buying Sony BDVE370

Sony bdve370. Cek five. one ch blu-ray home cinema system. This is the initial all-in-system that i have acquired and after significantly deliberation and evaluate looking at i opted for this outstanding system. A trendy looking system with speakers that are not also intrusive it even got the wifes approval as it equipped in with the relaxation of the home furnishings. Set-up was a synch, every little thing was colour coded and created life so considerably much easier, the moment powered up it was just a case of next the on display instructions and, employing the provided calibration microphone the speaker set up was total in considerably less than 20mins. I have a sky hd box linked by way of a electronic co-ax and there was a slight miss out on match on the lip sync but right after a rapid adjustment on the audio hold off on the set up menu of the high definition box to 120ms this was soon sorted. Image and audio high-quality are superb from a system that prices as very low as this compared to some of the seperate units out on the marketplace. I initially ran it with quantum of solace and was impressed at the richness of seem and lively colors, particularly the opening sequences. Been by means of most of the assortment of blue-rays already and only had it for a 7 days. Only slight niggle i have is the duration of the speaker cables for the entrance 3 models. A pair of meters added on every would make the positioning of the speakers a lot much more flexible and conserve a handful of profanities.

I am really pleased with my sony bdve370 bluray and 5. The high definition good quality and encompass seem when taking part in a bluray is exceptional. It adds so much much more depth to the viewing and listening experience. I’ve not tried using the dvd upscaling but. I also use the device as a surround seem system for looking at tv and listening to cd’s. I’m hooked up to a sky hd box and the sony device operates nicely with this. I only hooked up the bdve370 to the sky high definition box by using an optical audio cable to get excellent audio outcomes.

Sony BDVE370.CEK 5.1 ch Blu-Ray Home Cinema System – Black

  • Amazon Instant Video Compatible
  • Watch and listen to content in full HD 1080P thanks to Blu-ray Disc™
  • Watch and listen to DVDs in near HD 1080p quality with DVD upscaling
  • Access YouTube™ and BBC iPlayer using BRAVIA® Internet Video

Sony bdve370 five. 1 ch blu-ray home cinema system. I acquired this sony to compliment my hd television. 1 system with blu ray 3d abilities. Came in a substantial box weighing 16kgs. All elements came neatly packed with fool proof lables(for me). The primary device is black and very satisfying to the eyes. Even though the buttons on the device are complicated to see and use in very low light. I suspect that the moment its set up 1 hardly works by using them. (use the remote always)the environment up instruction had been straightforward.

I’ve just received this wonderful home cinema system. Experienced a handful of identical merchandise ahead of, but this is truly exclusive. Seems good and performs correctly. Straight just after having it i played super audio cd by diana krall and could not consider, just could not think how wonderful it sounded. If you have a several hundred kilos and want all-in-1 system with 3d ready complete high definition, super audio cd, internet video, excellent appears to be like and fantastic audio, then basically get it.

Awesomeness type a box say superior bye to your ears and eyes. What can i say about this piece of gear but awesome. Very first of all the seem quality is superb virtually much too superior, it genuinely is like obtaining a cinema at your very own residence the rumbles that superior. But it can also be a difficulty as even on the lower configurations explosions and stuff still have that punch and the partitions look to vibrate(first time seeing and it could be heard all about the home). Theres also a vairety of solutions as properly so weathier your watching it for sports information or motion pictures you can select distinct seem settings as effectively for the greatest practical experience. Loading up can get a handful of seconds lengthier than a ordinary dvd player but it does give you excellence. Visuals excellent as well, perfectly its blu ray so what do you anticipate, but not just the blu ray normal dvds as very well glance truly fantastic these kinds of as cartoons it trys and scales them up and sleek it out ideal it can with minimul pixelation as i have found some some others can not do. The only point that i you should not like about the sytem is the point alot of the surfaces of the gear is that gloss that extra or significantly less scratches when you contact or try out to clean it. But a aspect from that its all good. This assessment is dependent on a sony bravia tv.

Sony BDVE370.CEK 5.1 ch Blu-Ray Home Cinema System – Black : Sony bdv-370 home cinema system. I have recently purchased this amazing sony bdv-370 home cinema system and was totally happy once i had set this system up. The surround sound quality is really impressive when played through a high spec full hd 1080 tv which i had purchased also a while back. One small minus point was the length of the 2 front speaker wires, which i did find were just long enough to reach the position of my 2 front speakers, but the rear speaker cables were plenty long enough which was good as this was where i believed i was going to have the problem. The set-up of the system is not too hard to master and this was my first experience of blu-ray capabilities and this system has totally blown me away having replaced my old akai system which was 13 years old. One other point to note is that sony have not brought out any new speaker stands to go with any of the 2010 cinema systems yet but i got round this by using my old stands which fitted my new speakers fine but as they were silver in colour i had the small job of spraying them black first. All in all a excellent system when used to its full capacity and as it plays all formats of dvd/avi/mp3/mp4 ect files this is a major plus when watching movies through it. If you are thinking of replacing an old system like i was then i would recommend spending a few extra pounds and buying the best make around in sony. Shop around on amazon as ths price for this system differed by atleast £100 between the sellers i looked at.

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  1. R.Harris
    Wish i had spent more on the wireless. Wish i had spent more on the wireless version which would be more convenient.
    • cyril webster
      Very pleased with the performance and ease of use. Very pleased with the performance and ease of use,controls are intuitive and calibration of all speakers made easy with the microphone supplied. I did however have to adjust the sub-woofer down a touch though after calibration as loud scenes literally left the room shaking but was impressed at how little distortion there was even when pushed on loud scenes,very punchy. Instantly picked up by my sony television set with perfect symmetry of picture and sound using audio return channel (arc)cables for the speakers just about reached the four corners though. All in all i would recommend for performance and price.
  2. Leftyx

    This review is from : Sony BDVE370.CEK 5.1 ch Blu-Ray Home Cinema System – Black

    Fantastic sound and easy setup. Bought it to use as a dvd/blueray player for my sony bravia tv. Fantastic sound and easy setup. Sony is really good in these things.
    • M P C C
      Absolutely amazing for the price. This kit has done me proudcrystal sound easy to update and great functionality would buy another in a heart beat. Only issues are slow startup and shutdown times.
      • Silverfox
        Have been using this for quite a time now and it’s faultless. Plays blu ray and i have it connected to my samsung tv/media box via an optical cable. So use it all the time instead of the tinny sound from the tv speakers. Excellent initial set up with microphone where you sit. It can kick out some incredible bass if you want.
  3. Kayla

    This review is from : Sony BDVE370.CEK 5.1 ch Blu-Ray Home Cinema System – Black

    I really this home cinema system. Very good quality and the best value for money i spent.
  4. Paul

    This review is from : Sony BDVE370.CEK 5.1 ch Blu-Ray Home Cinema System – Black

    Sony bdve370 blue ray player. I have purposely waited to review this dvd player as i wanted to see how well it worked after fair usage i would like to say that it has and still is performing to my full expectations i have now made it a multi region player so i can watch all my region 1 dvd’s ,the surround sound is awesome its 5. 1 dolby digital and thx surround sound. You can update the software via the internet its also a 3d player. We watch love film via its streaming service this works great if you have a decent internet connection so it makes this blue ray dvd player the ultimate gadget for your living room.
  5. Mr. G. Hodges

    This review is from : Sony BDVE370.CEK 5.1 ch Blu-Ray Home Cinema System – Black

    This is my 2nd unit, not for the first going wrong, but i bought another as a gift as i knew it was an excellent unit and the price is just unreal. I paid £235 for a ‘used – like new’ one 5 days ago, unfortunately when it arrived it had a dent on the back of the main unit and the panels had smears on them. Contacted amazon who offered a £50 partial refund. Cek for £185 delivered – my previous one i bought at the start of 2011 was £275 brand new, so the price must have accelerated over the months to well over £400+ in some cases. I can see why as this unit does it all. Only niggle i have is that the xmb on my first unit dulls for no apparant reason every so often which is annoying, but think this is a sony niggle as my ps3 does it now and again too. . Still, 2 units now and a total spend of £460. Great unit, blu-rays look and sound great and a great price too, although you’d be unlucky to pay more than £300 for one. The 2 new units out although more powerful (1000w as opposed to 850w) have not got good reviews on sound, so if you are going to get a unit, try and get this model. Youtube and iplayer is a nice feature, although a pain to type in searches for youtube. Sure, it doesn’t have hdmi in, but i have never had to use it and if it’s an ipod connection you want, just plug the usb lead in one of the usb ports, but i cant comment on the functionality of this feature as i have never tried. For those people saying that tv is not a great sound or that it sounds like the tv is little louder, you will not get true 5. 1 sound unless the tv is emitting this 5.
  6. Meemeezmom

    This review is from : Sony BDVE370.CEK 5.1 ch Blu-Ray Home Cinema System – Black

    Not what “sony” usually produces. I was excited to get the item out of the box, however this blu-ray player, didn’t like playing blu-ray discs. As i wrestled to get it to play any blu-ray disc. If you find it is skipping, sticking, freezing mid blu-ray disc play ~ worry about it, this is a sign of bad things to come. Not saying all are the same, but i was disappointed when the use life of this blu-ray home theatre system lasted me only four and a half months. Easy to use,easy to set up, great upscaling of dvd’s, i can’t see in 3d, so can’t answer that part, sound was. I am never a 3 star reviewer, but i feel, sony tried to run before they could walk with this item. Well, the fact you can watch internet tv, which was great ~ again when it worked~ plus playing music, movies,youtube, internet movies,3d blu-ray, ordinary dvd’s & much more from your pc ~ need an internet connection, i hard wired mine ~ i just feel they tried to be a little too smart too quickly. Put too many apps & twiddly bits in, that maybe the machine couldn’t handle. Qriosity, which is a sony program didn’t even work for the 1st two months of me having the item, as it was so new. So i conclude, i am giving it 3 stars for the ease of operation, ease of set up & the upscaling on ordinary discs, it does deliver these, or i would have given it 2 starsi don’t buy sony as a rule, jvc was always my thing, but finding that brand nowadays, is difficult. I am now onto my next sony and will see if it lasts.
  7. Kwakuvi

    This review is from : Sony BDVE370.CEK 5.1 ch Blu-Ray Home Cinema System – Black

    Playing blueray cds on this home cinema is fun. I have also already used this for birthday party and oudoing of new baby. I did not need to hire people to come and play music. The fm is working perfectly as recommended by previous reviewer. Sony always manufacture solid and perfect home cinema machines. The speaker cables are long enough. It works well with my sony lcd tv connected via hdmi.
    • MJB
      I had read a few reviews on this product and they were pleased with it. So i bought one, based on the specification and the positive reviews. It of course plays blurays and dvds very well, but the internet connection makes it even better. The bbci performance is excellent. The package is easy to set up and after a few manual tweaks with the speaker settings, the results are very good. The menu makes it easy to use and you don’t get lostit even looks good, with no bits sticking out all over the place. The light (when on) in the centre is unnecessary – what use is it?even the wife likes it and that takes some doing and she even uses it, after not using the previous bluray player. I would recommend it and say it was good value for the money.
      • bill756
        The service was very quick and to the time stated,the product was just as i exspected and would use this company again.
  8. A. D. Brown
    I bought this after my old sony system packed up after 5 years. Its feature packed, with blu ray, 3d ( which i’ve not tried yet with my 2d tv), and full iptv capability, with iplayer and youtube, plus other sony streaming services all working as they should. Boot up and disc spin up times are about average, the picture and sound quality are both excellent. I’ve paired the system with wireless module sony wahtsa2 wireless surround sound speaker kit s-air wireless module which works brilliantly.

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