Smart Guidance in Buying Universal Remote Control

Universal Remote Control for older Sony TV’s

  • Works most Sony TVs. (95%). Full Refund and Return postage FREE if not compatible.
  • No setting up or Codes needed, just add 2 AAA batteries and go !
  • NOTE;- This does NOT have a “TV GUIDE” button.
  • Suitable for older Non-Digital TVs, or SKY/CABLE TV/Freeview Box users.
  • Bargain replacement for, RM656A,RM677,RM677C,RM681,RM687C,RM768,RM791,RM816,RM817,RM821,RM826,RM827B,RM827C,RM827S,RM827T,RM830,RM831,RM832,RM833,RM834,RM836,RM837,RM838,RM839,RM841,RM842,RM845P,RM845S,RM849S,RM849T,RM857,RM857A,RM858,RM859,RM861,RM862,RM869,RM870,RM871,RM873,RM878,RM881,RM883,RM887,RM889,RM890,RM891,RM892,RM893,RM916,RM921,RM933,RM936,RM938,RM940,RM943,RM945,RM946,RM952,RM953,RM954,RM955,RM956,RM961,RM963,RM969,RM972,RM991,RM992,RM993,RM1028,RM2092,RM2910,RM2918

Universal Remote Control for older Sony TV’s :

One thought on “Smart Guidance in Buying Universal Remote Control

  1. Patricia Thomas
    My elderly mother who suffers with dementia has been so frustrated that the remote for her older style tv had disappeared. (the suspicion is that it fell into the wastebasket and was thrown away). Seeing a universal remote on offer in lightning deals made me think that maybe i would be able to source a remote that would be compatible ith the tv. So she was felighted when i produced this nice new remote that worked perfectly, especially as i remembered to put batteries into it. I like when my mother is happy.

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